The Meaning of Our Logo

The Armstrong's logo holds deep symbolism and conveys several important messages:

  1. Unity and Identity: The logo's integration of the ichthys (Christian fish symbol) and the cross is a powerful representation of the company's unity and identity with the Christian faith. The ichthys, a symbol recognized by Christians, and the cross, a universal symbol of Christianity, create a visual statement of the company's commitment to Christian values such as hope, salvation, and unity. The placement of the company's name "Armstrong's" within the ichthys reinforces the notion that the company is firmly rooted in and aligned with these Christian principles. Furthermore, the cross embedded in the "t" of Armstrong's name serves to underscore the company's Christian identity, making it clear to both customers and stakeholders.
  2. Branding and Differentiation: The use of the ichthys and the cross in Armstrong's logo not only serves as a declaration of Christian values but also functions as a potent branding tool. This unique and distinct design sets Armstrong's apart from other companies and establishes a clear and recognizable brand identity. By prominently displaying these symbols, the logo communicates that Armstrong's is not merely a profit-driven entity, but a company deeply rooted in Christian principles. It conveys a sense of purpose beyond financial gains and emphasizes the importance of hope, salvation, and values that are firmly grounded in Christianity. This distinction helps Armstrong's stand out in the marketplace and connects with consumers who share these values.
  3. Message of Hope and Salvation: The ichthys and the cross are powerful symbols within Christianity, representing hope and salvation. By incorporating these symbols into their logo, Armstrong's sends a compelling message of hope and salvation to its customers. It suggests that the company's commitment to these values is more than just a visual representation; it's reflected in the products and services it offers, as well as in its approach to customer service. This can instill a sense of security and trust among customers, as they perceive Armstrong's as a company that embodies and promotes the same ideals and beliefs they hold dear. This message of hope and salvation not only relates to spiritual matters but extends to the assurance that customers can find a reliable, values-driven partner in Armstrong's.

In summary, the Armstrong's logo is not just a visual emblem; it is a powerful tool for conveying the company's Christian identity, its commitment to Christian values, its unique brand identity, and its promise of hope and salvation to its customers. It goes beyond a simple graphic element and serves as a meaningful representation of the company's core principles and beliefs.